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This collection of links is mainly for my own use. However, you may find some of them useful, interesting or simply entertaining as well. Furthermore, it provides me with an easy way to link to any other current and future online projects.

where I am and was

My official personal page at the Institute of Evolutionary Biology and Environmental Studies

The Institute of Evolutionary Biology and Environmental Studies of the University of Zürich

The Evolution and Genetics of Life, Love and Death group

The Evolutionary Ecology and Genetics of Natural Populations group

School of Biological, Earth and Environmental Sciences at the University of New South Wales

Department of Animal Ecology at the Netherlands Institute of Ecology


in the media

My paper showing a relationship between attractiveness and performance in professional cyclists was covered widely, including the Economist, the New York Times and Outside Online.

Our project on the Aldabra giant tortoises has been covered by the SonntagsZeitung and UZH News (approximate Google translations available here and here).

My Technical Comment in Science was covered by Retraction Watch and BioTechniques.

Our paper on inbreeding depression in humans was covered in the Basler Zeitung (pdf, in German), Ticinonline (in Italian) and Les Quotidiennes (in French).



Sometimes I produce something that may actually be useful to others. Furthermore, more and more journals ask authors to provide code or data as supplementary material. Although this probably is a good development, also R scripts evolve, and things that seemed like a good idea once, may turn out to be slow, buggy or user-unfriendly. I will therefore provide updated versions of R scripts associated with published papers on my own website.

All of this can be found here.


useful and interesting links

ISI Web of Science

WAMWiki The Wild Animal Modeling Wiki

The Complete Works of Charles Darwin Online

R.A. Fisher Digital Archive

The R Project for Statistical Computing

SAS OnlineDoc 9.1.3

Genepop on the Web

The TalkOrigins Archive, exploring the creation/evolution controversy



Sietse Postma's photography

Ankie Postma's artwork

Swiss news in the Neue Zürcher Zeitung (german)

Dutch news in de Volkskrant (dutch)

Australian news in The Australian and the Sydney Morning Herald

Improbable Research

Science and religion at Pharyngula

Good coffee at CoffeeSnobs

The latest cycling news at CyclingNews, VeloNews and steephill.tv

...and then straight to Bikesnob NYC